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​How Do I Place An Order?

Please call 252-523-5200 to place order.  

You can also send email to


Payment and Shipping


We provide shipping quotes for every order.  

Orders are shipped via UPS or freight line. 

We accept major credit cards



  1. Wash, rinse, and dry thoroughly.  Use mild, soapy water (NEVER an abrasive detergent) and a stiff brush.

  2. Grease cookware with a thin coating of vegetable oil fat.  Do not use salted fat (margarine or butter).  Warm utensil and then spread oil or fat over entire surface with cloth or paper towel.  Be certain that the entire surface of the utensil, including all corners, has been coated thoroughly.

  3. Place well greased utensil in oven and heat to 350° for 30 minutes.  Remove from oven while hot, drain any excess grease from utensil, wipe dry with soft cloth, or paper towel, and allow to cool at room temperature.  This completes the seasoning process.

Care For Our Cast Iron Cook Ware        

  1. Wash with mild dishwashing liquid.  Rinse and dry thoroughly.  Never scour or use a dishwasher.  You may wish to use a plastic bun to remove stubborn food particles.

  2. We suggest you cook food with little water content the first few times you use your cast iron.  Avoid cooking acidic foods, (e.g. tomatoes, unless combined with other foods).  Uncover hot foods when you remove them from heat (steam may remove protective coating).

  3. Cast iron cookware will turn black with use.  The pores of the iron will be sealed, providing a durable coating that helps to prevent sticking.

  4. Rust, metallic taste or discolored foods are signs of improper or inadequate seasoning or may result from cooking acidic foods.  If this occurs, wash thoroughly and re-season.

  5. Since cast iron heats evenly, you will not need to use extremely high cooking temperatures.  Best results are obtained with medium to medium-high setting on range or in oven.  Do not overheat or leave empty utensil on burner or in heated oven.  Never place utensil on an already heated burner.

  6. When storing, always store with tops or lids off.  Store in warm, dry place.  You may want to place a paper towel inside the utensil to absorb any moisture.

  7. With proper care and seasoning your cast iron cookware will cook the Great American Flavors best.  We can certainly claim, “The older it gets, the better it is”.

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